1-Month-Old Dies From Contaminated Baby Formula

1-Month-Old Dies From Contaminated Baby Formula

Taking care of a fussy baby at three in the morning is just part of being a new parent, but luckily, one new mom quickly found a routine to soothe her crying baby when he woke up in the middle of the night.

When new mom Jamie Nicole Shears‎ heard her infant son Axel start crying at 3 a.m., she got up as she did every night and started making a bottle for him, which always managed to stop his crying and get him back to sleep. However, unlike every other morning, Axel only ate about an ounce of formula instead of the normal three ounces. 

Shears changed his diaper and gave him his binky, but it only soothed him for about 10 minutes. “Axel continued to cry, scream, fuss & just be miserable until about 6 a.m. I FINALLY got him to go to sleep holding him snugged to my chest so I stayed awake and watched my baby finally get some rest,” Shears wrote in a post to Facebook, which has now gone viral.

Photo by Facebook/Jamie Nicole Shears

About an hour and a half later, however, Axel was back to screaming and Shears and her husband tried everything to calm their almost month-old son. “Axel had a fever of 100.3 but it went back down to normal about a half hour after me putting a cool rag on his head…We had tried everything to sooth Axel before going into the ER,” Shears wrote.

Finally, Shears brought her baby to the emergency room when nothing had changed by 12:30 in the afternoon and his breathing became labored. “They did multiple blood tests & IVs & spinal tap. They admitted him after about 6 or 7 hours in the ER. After all said and done they found out he had a bacterial infection in his blood that went to his spinal fluid, which led to his brain, causing multiple mini strokes which led to multiple seizures as well. The infection is called Cronobacter Sakazakii,” the mom said.

“He got this infection from the infant powdered formula we had been feeding him (Enfamil Gentlease), the formula was contaminated!!! This infection comes along with meningitis & sepsis. Axel was in critical condition & on life support because he couldn’t breathe on his own,” said Shears, who went on to explain that all four parts of his brain had been severely damaged.

Photo by Facebook/Jamie Nicole Shears

The devastated parents, who have one older son, met and spoke with every doctor they could, and ultimately had to take their suffering baby boy off life support. “He fought SO HARD…SO HARD..but his little body just couldn’t do it anymore. He passed 3 times but coming back each time to give us just a few more breaths but then at 11:35 a.m he took his last breath & went to be with the Lord,” said Shears, who is now sharing Axel’s story to bring awareness of the dangers of baby formula contamination, which doctors confirmed was the reason for Axel’s death at 27 days old and can happen in any kind of powdered baby formula, not just the Enfamil Gentlease brand.

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[Featured Image: Facebook/Jamie Nicole Shears]