10 Weird Little Things Couples In Long-Term Relationships Do

10 Weird Little Things Couples In Long-Term Relationships Do

So you’ve been in a relationship for a while now.

And you and your boo are both totally comfortable with one another, and things you could never imagine yourself doing, you are now doing with your babe.

You thought to yourself, never will I be that person. And now you are that person, and you oftentimes make yourself nauseous.

Ashamed? Maybe. But you secretly love it and the closeness that the two of you share.

Here are 10 Weird Little Things Couples In A Long-Term Relationship Do:

1. Share a toothbrush

If it was an emergency, you both totally shared each other’s toothbrush, and you probably didn’t even wash it off before you used it.

2. Leave the door open when you pee

While this is utterly disgusting, you know you do it, because it just takes too much energy to close that door.

3. Stay in and watch movies

Because there’s nothing besides the obvious that is more enjoyable then cuddling with your boo and watching Netflix.

4. Use each other as an excuse to skip out on plans

You blame each other as being the reason that you cannot hang out with other people. It’s as simple as pie. I’m sorry I already made plans with ___.

5. You communicate telepathically

If the two of you are on either sides of a room, you know just what facial expression to do to let your partner know exactly what’s going on in your brain. And the best part is no one else knows a thing except think to themselves that you guys are weird.

6. You send each other text messages when you are in the same area

Either you’re saying things that you can’t say out loud in front of other people, or you’re really lazy and don’t want to physically get up to talk to your babe.

7. You people watch and make up stories

You sometimes eavesdrop on other peoples convos and analyze dates, and try and decipher if it’s a first date, or how the couple met. People watching is fun with your boo because you can make up stories, and no one will ever know.

8. You binge eat

Because it isn’t bad if you’re doing it together. Right? Although it means you both might get fat, but at least you won’t be alone.

9. You relive your childhood

Which consists of making tents, tee-pees, playing old boardgames/card games, and watching old movies from your childhood days.

10. Morning breathe doesn’t bother you as much and bodily smells are normal

While this is totally gross, most can attest that when you’re in a long-term relationship you just have to accept these things, and especially when you are with someone everyday and every morning. This is real life folks.

The moral of the story is- some things are just funner together.

[Featured Image Credit: en.aravot.am]