11 Puppies Rescued From Underground Cave Dug By Their Mother

11 Puppies Rescued From Underground Cave Dug By Their Mother

Eleven puppies were rescued on Wednesday from an underground cave dug by their mother before the area’s heavy rainfall could put them in danger. 

The Michigan Humane Society responded to a call from a neighbor who heard some puppies barking in a yard. When two rescue workers, Chris and Pam arrived at the yard, they scoped the scene and counted 11 puppies buried underground by their mother- likely to protect them from the bad weather. 

Chris and Pam knew they had to work fast to rescue the puppies, so one-by-one, Chris began pulling puppies from the hole and handing them to his partner Pam. Pam then placed the pups into cages, starting with the first puppy who was already waiting for them at the entrance of the hole. 

“I can’t believe how deep this thing is,” he said, after pulling out the third puppy. After Chris pulled out five puppies, he put out wet food to attract the dogs to the entrance, afraid if they dug much further the hole would cave in. As they were rescuing the other 5 puppies, Chris noticed he didn’t see the mother inside the cave. 

“I wouldn’t want to be in a position like this with mom dog in the hole,” he said. “Because she dug it, I’m sure could move pretty good. Her first reaction might be to protect her puppies, which could cause me some injury.” Amidst crying puppies and a broken flashlight, Chris laid in the mud working tirelessly to rescue the other pups. 

Nearly a half hour into the rescue, Chris finally pulls out the last puppy for a total of 11 dogs. “Oh boy, my washer is going to hate me,” Chris said. While the next step is catching mom so she can be reunited with her babies, in the meantime, the dogs will go to a shelter and receive vaccinations at the vet. 

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If you are interested in adopting any of the puppies, contact the Michigan Humane Society for more information. 

[Featured Image Credit: Michigan Humane Society/Facebook]