13 Shower Thoughts Redditors Have About Bill Gates

13 Shower Thoughts Redditors Have About Bill Gates

It turns out there’s a lot of people thinking about Bill Gates in the shower (er…kinda).

Reddit has a subsection dedicated entirely to the random and genius ideas people have in the shower and there’s an oddly high number related to Gates. Here are some of the best Bill Gates shower thoughts Redditors came up with that will make you stop and go, “hmmm…..”

Bill Gates has about $6 for every year the universe has existed – IAmJimmyNeutron

Bill Gates is worth about 73.4 billion soft tacos from Taco Bell – DayVeeGee

Bill Gates could accidentally misplace Donald Trump’s entire net worth ($3.5 billion) and not even be seriously financially affected-MrScant

Seeing as how both Batman and Ironman’s only real super powers are that they are super rich and very smart, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sure turned out to be disappointments-ImmaculateJones

Bill Gates probably has enough wealth to solely fund his own currency; he could call them Gates Bills-jpmartin43

In terms of the overall impact to our respective net worths, it’s probably cheaper for Bill Gates to buy a McDonald’s than it is for me to buy a burger-pretzelzetzel

Instead of using his fortune on charities, Bill Gates should just buy out medical and supply companies and produce formerly expensive goods as really cheap-lowballer31

Bill Gates has enough money to buy everyone in the world about 11 Cokes-bagofnothing

Bill Gates has made more money while having sex than any sex worker-prankshopz

Would a scandal involving Bill Gates be known as BillGate or GateGate?-EiplecOco

If the average human is worth 1 million dollars then Bill Gates is worth 50,000 humans-Spicey123

Bill Gates could fund 113 New Horizons-esque missions-jjake101

And the absolute best Bill Gates Shower thought:

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Bill Gates can have literally anything he wants. Except for the new iphone-MCSchwanz

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