13-Year-Old Hero Saves Coach’s Life By Performing CPR

13-Year-Old Hero Saves Coach’s Life By Performing CPR

Isaac Wenrich was teaching 13-year-old Nathan Boyer to play baseball when something unexpected happened. 

Wenrich is a minor league baseball player with the Florence Freedom of Kentucky, and he coaches kids during the off-season in Chandler, Arizona. On March 28, Wenrich and Nathan were hitting some balls as usual, when Wenrich suddenly collapsed. 

Immediately, Nate knew what to do and he rolled Wenrich over and grabbed his phone and called 911. Nate said, “I was just so freaked out and overwhelmed by it.” But he calmed down and remembered that he knew how to do CPR

He says he remembered it from boy scouts a few years ago, so he put his hands together and began pressing on Wenrich’s chest. Wenrich was suffering from a heart attack, but Nate helped to keep him alive. 

Katy Huetter, Wenrich’s girlfriend, told ABC News, “Nathan had to do CPR for 4 minutes before the paramedics got there. They said if he didn’t do CPR, Isaac would be dead right now.”

Wenrich said “Nate knew to roll me over, he got my phone and called 911, he started CPR.” He added, “I’m beyond thankful. I think the Lord brings people in your life for crazy reasons and he just happened to put Nate in mine. I wouldn’t be here today if he wasn’t in my life.”

The coach said that there aren’t many kids out there like Nathan. “He is just such a hard worker with the most amazing personality. He is such a well-rounded 13-year-old,” he told ABC News. 

Huetter says, “I never met [Nate] but now he’s part of our family. We want to honor this kid as much as we can; he is a hero.”

Watch the incredible video of this little hero below:

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- ABC News]