18-Year-Old Adopted After 13 Years In Foster Care

18-Year-Old Adopted After 13 Years In Foster Care

After spending 13 years in and out of the foster care system, the only thing one California teen ever wanted was to belong to a loving family.

When Carson Peterson was just three years old, he entered the foster care system for the first time after his mother committed suicide. Carson was sent to different foster homes until he was placed in his biological father’s care when he was eight. After he spent the following three years being homeless, he was placed back in foster care.

However, Carson’s life turned around in 2014 when foster parents Tex and Renee Petersen took him into their home and showed him what it was like to have a home and a family. “They were loving, they were a Christian family, they never gave up on me,” Carson said. “We always did things together. They always called me son. They introduced me as their son to everybody. They never said ‘foster son,’ which was pretty awesome to feel wanted and appreciated.”

After two years with the Petersen’s, Carson asked if they would officially adopt him.”It was whatever he [wanted],” Tex Petersen said. “The main thing was that he [knew] that this was his home and that if he ever wanted us to adopt him that it was something we would do. For me, I really don’t feel much different. I’ve always looked at him as my son.”

But on June 30, The Petersen’s finally adopted the now 18-year-old. “It was emotional,” Carson said. “I teared up a little bit because I was happy that I could let go of my past and start forward from that day, until now… It’s the sign of a journey coming to an end and finally having a forever home.”

“Carson, he’s a really good, young man — he loves to help people and that’s what I think I love about him most,” Renee said. “I’m just so proud that we finally can make it official. It was so important for him to know that he has a mom and dad who will do anything for him and he has a home that he can always come to, and I am so glad that we were able to give that to him.”

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[Featured image: Tex Petersen/ABC News]