2-Year-Old Is Found Taking Toy BMW For Joyride At 2AM

2-Year-Old Is Found Taking Toy BMW For Joyride At 2AM

To be fair, it was a TOY car, but police still found him going for a 2AM joyride.

The South Carolina boy snuck out of his house in the middle of the night wearing nothing but sweatpants and a diaper. His parents had no idea he was missing and wouldn’t have known until the morning if it wasn’t for a passerby who came upon the BMW x6 toy car. The passerby came across the bizarre scene about a quarter mile from the child’s house.

“It seems he just slipped out during the night and started driving down the road,” said Ken Bell, the public information officer for the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. “If he would have gone any further he would have hit a main road.”

Police said the boy was in good health besides being confused about being hauled down to the police department in the middle of the night.

Child protective services were called, but the parents was eventually found when tiny tire marks were found outside the child’s house, tire marks that happened to fit the description of the car.

“The police asked them if they had a 2-year-old son and they said yes,” said Bell. “Police asked him to check if he was in bed and he wasn’t. They were shocked.”

“We were fortunate it was happy ending,” said Bell. “So many things could have gone wrong.”

No charges were filed against the parents but police did strongly recommend they put a lock on the front door.


We’re grateful this little boy made it home safe and sound. We’re also mildly entertained by this funny story. If you find it as bizarre as we do, please SHARE with friends and family!

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