2-Year-Old Survives Fall From Sixth-Floor Window

2-Year-Old Survives Fall From Sixth-Floor Window

Falling out of a window from the sixth floor is almost always fatal, which is why first responders were so stunned when they arrived at the scene and discovered the two-year-old victim barely had a scratch on her.

This past Friday, Audrianna Dzyuba had been sitting on the windowsill in her bedroom playing with her tablet like she normally does. However, earlier that day, Audrianna’s 17-year-old cousin, Isabelle, opened the window and the toddler accidentally fell out while she stepped out of the room to grab a slice of pizza.

“I heard the thump and I heard her cousin start screaming hysterically, ‘she went out the window,”’ Alexander Dzyuba,  Audrianna’s father, said. “My first thought was ‘I just lost my child.’ When I saw her down on the awning and then she sat up, I was hoping she was okay. I ran downstairs to see how I could get her down.”

Miraculously, Audrianna landed on an awning and she walked away with just a bruise on her arm. “She wasn’t sure what was going on. She was startled more than anything,” Dzyuba said. “In the spot that she landed, two inches in either direction she would have hit the metal bars on the awning and she probably would not have survived.”

“It was a miracle,” said mom Kelley. “I have finally calmed down enough now that I clearly comprehend everything. Right now I am counting my lucky stars that she is alive,” Dzyuba said.

Watch the entire video below to see how this little girl is doing after falling out of a sixth-floor window.

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[Featured image: CBS New York]