20 Apps That Will Train Your Brain

20 Apps That Will Train Your Brain

Although we love our social media apps and other fun games on our phones, they are not making us any smarter. In fact, they are probably making us dumber.

Try out these 20 apps to help your memory, challenge your IQ, and allow you to expand your brain.

1. Circles

Credits: beautifulpixels.com

This app will help you to improve your memory, while having fun at the same time. The $0.99 proceeds of the app go to supporting Alzheimer’s research.

2. Timesheet

Image Credit: elandroidelibre.com

With this app, you don’t even have to lift a finger to type for tracking and billing work hours. Simply tell it what to do with voice commands.

3. The New York Times Crossword

Image Credit: apps.microsoft.com

Crosswords make you smarter by expanding your vocabulary, making you think in different ways, and teach you to attack problems in different ways. This app has the same crosswords that are in the newspaper.

4. ATracker

Image Credit: YouTube- WonderApps AB

ATracker allows you to track everything that you do so you always know what to do and when to do it.

5. Blocks

Image Credit: appbank.net

Blocks allows you to be a kid again and play with blocks that will improve your brain power. It requires logic.

6. Fooducate

Image Credit: foodtechconnect.com

With this free app, you can find the good food that actually tastes good, you can eat healthy and be happy. It allows you to scan items for nutritional information, and find out what foods are best for you.

7. Owl

Image Credit: iphone.appstorm.net

If you love astounding people with oddball facts, then Owl is perfect for you, giving you one fun fact every day.

8. Atlas by Collins

Image Credit: atlasbycollins.com

Atlas by Collins allows you to travel the world with a flick of your finger. You can learn about the world using nine globes, and a variety of maps.

9. Cloudswave

Image Credit: internet.whatsnewonthenet.com

Cloudswave enables you to become a smart spender, by giving you all the software and web applications for your business and your personal life.

10. iBooks

Image Credit: wired.com

Reading is the best thing you can do for your brain, and iBooks is a must have.

11. SmartThings

Image Credit: techcrunch.com

SmartThings lets you control all of the devices in your home with this app that turns your smartphone into a remote.

12. Personal Zen

Image Credit: tomsguide.com

Playing personal Zen actually retrains your brain to lower stress and anxiety.

13. Fit Brains Trainer

Image Credit: play.google.com

Fit Brains Trainer increasing your short-term memory by building your cognitive reserve and increasing brain performance.

14. Eidetic

Image Credit: popsugar.com

To prove your intelligence, you need to memorize interesting and important words and facts, which helps to improve your memory.

15. Luminosity Mobile

Image Credit: engadget.com

Luminosity increases your attention span, which many of us lack, and increases your work performance through fun games and puzzles.

16. Casual

Credits: casual.pm

Casual enables you to handle tasks and projects in a new way- you can plan your tasks by drawing them as a flowchart, which helps you visualize dependencies between tasks.

17. Critical Thinking University Think-O-Meter

Image Credit: businessinsider.com

This app gives you hypothetical situations to study, and then you get quizzed on what you remember.

18. Flipboard


Image Credit: engadget.com

With Flipboard, you are always in the know, because it makes it easy to get the latest news as it is happening.

19. Brain Workshop

Image Credit: lifehacker.com

Brain Workshop is a desktop app that you can use to improve your brain power.

20. Clockwork Brain

Image Credit: aclockworkbrain.com

Clockwork brain gives you tons of puzzles to allow your brain to perform mental aerobics.

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