21 Symptoms of Being a Daydreamer

Every group of friends has one. He marches to the beat of his own bongo. This is the person who’s often lost in his own thoughts meandering through life at whatever pace he chooses. People like this appreciate the little things in life and like to wander and dream.

This is the friend you will be out with and then suddenly somebody says, “wait, what happened to Craig?” After 7 (unanswered) phone calls, you finally find Craig outside discussing the meaning of life with the guy from the hot dog stand.

If any of the following sound like you, you might just be that friend.

1. You always take time to stop and smell the roses–quite literally. If you pass by a gorgeous rose bush who wouldn’t stop to smell them?!

2. You’ll also stop to watch street performers, giggling babies, and read funny billboards.

3. When you go out with friends (especially if alcohol is involved), they basically need to put a leash on you.

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4. During a night out, your phone is littered with texts from everybody saying, “where are you?”

5. You probably never end up answering these texts.

6. You’re probably pretty bad at answering texts in general.

7. Sometimes, you think you answered somebody’s text, but actually you just typed out the message and forgot to hit send.

8. And let’s not even talk about email.

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9. Following a GPS is near impossible.

10. Following somebody’s directions over the phone is near impossible.

11. Following somebody’s directions when they are sitting next to you in the passenger seat is near impossible.

12. You know a lot of random trivia facts, mostly those you got from Snapple bottle caps.

13. If you’re with a large group of people, you lose interest in the conversation quickly and wander off on your own.

14. Somebody usually needs to come get you and pull you back.

15. You’ve probably been yelled at by somebody that isn’t your mother for wandering off too frequently (although she’s definitely yelled at you for that same thing).

16. You’re always the last one to know about drama.

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17. You can’t keep track of who is dating whom in your social circles.

18. You appreciate corny jokes.

19. Your body is decorated with hues of black and blue because you’re always walking into walls.

20. You giggle easily and are a child at heart.

21. You’re definitely a Hufflepuff.

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