4-Month-Old Baby Miraculously Escapes Car Crash Caught On Dashboard Camera

4-Month-Old Baby Miraculously Escapes Car Crash Caught On Dashboard Camera

Since you never know who is driving cars surrounding you on the road, driving is scary enough as it is, but when you become a parent, everything changes.

Every parent knows that kids in the back seat can be pretty distracting when you’re behind the wheel, so it’s always important to stay alert and aware, especially when you’re driving on a highway where drivers carelessly speed past.

The following video out of the U.K. tells the harrowing story of an infant miraculously surviving a terrifying car crash, but it also serves as a constant reminder to be careful while driving and always take the necessary safety precautions seriously.

The crash scene, which was all captured on camera by a large truck or HGV, feels so real, it will have chills running down your spine.

Although we don’t see the actual accident, the video shows the moment a white sedan carrying a man behind the wheel, his wife in the front seat, and their 4-month-old child in the back, crashes on a highway and flips over.

The driver of the truck quickly pulled over and rushed to the flipped BMW M5 to find the newborn in his car seat unharmed, along with his parents upside down in the front seats.


While we don’t know what caused the accident, one thing is clear: this happy ending could have been far, far worse.

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[Featured Image: The Telegraph]