4-Year-Old Walks 6 Hours In Dangerous Forest To Save Grandpa

4-Year-Old Walks 6 Hours In Dangerous Forest To Save Grandpa

Hiking for six hours in the dark through a wolf-infested Siberian forest in -30 degrees would be challenging for even the best survival experts, which is why so many are stunned that a four-year-old girl was able to do it all on her own.

Four-year-old Saglana Salchak had been left in her grandparent’s care, but when her 60-year-old grandmother, who had a heart condition, died unexpectedly, she was forced to get help from the nearest neighbor since her grandfather was blind and needed help.

However, the grandparents lived in a remote part of Siberia and the nearest neighbor was about five miles away. Despite the -30 degrees weather, deep snow drifts, and the wolf-infested forest, the brave little girl set out on the long hike and miraculously made it to the neighbor six hours later. “It was very cold and I was so hungry,” Saglana said. “But I wasn’t scared. I was just walking, walking, walking. And I finally got there.

The neighbor immediately contacted a rescue team to go save the girl’s grandfather, and Saglana, who has since turned five, went to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. “This girl acts as a professional already. She took the matches to light a fire, in case,” said Semen Rubtsov, head of the search and rescue in Tuva. “The difficulty was that she had to make her way through snowdrifts.”

“There also was a great danger – wild animals. Bears are hibernating now, but Tuva is crowded with wolves. They plague the cattle, and shepherds groan because of them. In the dark, she could easily have stumbled on a pack. This girl was lucky that she did not meet them.”

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[Featured image: Yury Darbaa/The Siberian Times]