5 Highest Paid Celebrity Couples: What They Make Will Shock You

5 Highest Paid Celebrity Couples: What They Make Will Shock You

It’s no surprise that celebrities rake in a ton of money if they’re successful. Now imagine what happens when two celebrities get married.

2014 was a big year for celeb couples and their earnings. These 5 couples brought in tens of millions of dollars–EACH. Want to find out who’s making the most? Read on!

5. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

What list of celebrity couples would be complete without Kimye? Not surprisingly to anyone who has access to the internet or TV, the reality star and her rapper husband have incredible earning power. Kim, between her show and tons of businesses made $10 million alone, while Kayne’s music earned the rest of their combined $30 million.

kim and kanye

4. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The new parents tend to be less in the spotlight than their counterparts on the list, but they still earned their spot on the list, making a collective $35 million, between Kutcher’s standing as the highest paid actor on television before Two and Half Men ended, and Kunis’ role on Family Guy.


3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-Pitt

Reigning Hollywood royalty, the Jolie-Pitts make money not only from acting, but directing and producing as well. in 2014 Bradgelina earned a ton of money from World War Z and Maleficent, respectively, and made roughly $50 million total.


2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen 

Despite the fact that 2015 has been rough on the couple, with Gisele retiring from the runway, and Tom being bombarded with the backlash of deflate gate, the beautiful couple came in at number two on the list last year. They earned a collective $80 million.


1. Beyonce and Jay-Z

Who run the world? These two, apparently. The King and Queen of music are the number 1 earners of all the celebrity power couples. Beyonce actually beat her husband by a measly $11 million in 2014, but the couple together raked in $95 million. Go ahead, cry over your tiny paycheck. It’s totally acceptable.


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