5 Things You Need To Do After Finding Out Your Kid Is The Bully

5 Things You Need To Do After Finding Out Your Kid Is The Bully

Every parent likes to think their child is a sweet angel who wouldn’t be mean to an ant, which is why it can be so difficult for parents to find out from a fellow parent or teacher that their child is the bully.

Parents often can’t help but deny the complaints, however, ignoring the problem will only make things worse in the long run, as the behaviour will only get worse if no one steps in to teach the child how unacceptable bullying is and how harmful it can be to the victim.

Rather than ignore the problem and hope it gets better on its own, take a look at the 5 things you need to do to put an end to bullying:

5. Get Their Side Of The Story: Without judging your child, ask what happened and why they felt the need to bully another child. Before you can put an end to bullying, you have to understand why it’s happening.

4. Try To Make Them Understand How It Feels To Be Bullied: Many young children don’t fully understand how they’re making others feel when they intimidate or tease another. Making them understand what it’s like to be mistreated will help them understand why their behaviour is so unacceptable.

3. Praise Good Behavior: Whenever your child behaves well towards others, shows compassion or kindness, and has empathy for someone else, praise their behaviour and let them know how proud you are. This praise will only give them more incentive to behave well.

2. Peer Pressure: If your child is bullying others because of pressure from friends, encourage them to expand their friend group by planning play dates with other kids from their class, and introduce them to new activities where they will be surrounded by other kids their age who won’t influence them to bully others.

1. Take A Look In The Mirror: Kids often learn from and mimic the behaviour of adults around them. If your child is bullying others, reflect on your own interactions with friends, family, and strangers, and choose to be a perfect example of how to treat people by being even more sensitive, understanding, patient, and kind than normal.


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[Featured image: aifs.gov.au]