5 Ways to Know You’re On the Right Path

5 Ways to Know You’re On the Right Path

Following your dreams requires leaving behind the stability and embracing the unknown. On your journey to achieving your goals, you may have been thrown a few curve balls that have made you question everything.

Take a look at the top five signs that you’re on the right path.

5. You’re confident

Confidence can manifest in a variety of ways, but as you work toward achieving your goals, you feel confident in yourself and the work that you’re doing. You trust the process and are still able to be confident even when things aren’t going your way. Others may question your decisions, or be unsupportive, but you know that you’re doing what’s best for yourself.

4. You’re having fun

When you’re job stops feeling like work and starts feeling more like fun, you know you’re on the right path. A job might be tough, but if you find something that fulfills and excites you, it’s all worthwhile.

3. You invest in yourself

Spending some of your hard earned cash on yourself is healthy and allows you to be the best version of you. Some people see treating yourself as indulgent, but you know that finding time for yourself will benefit you both personally and professionally.

2. You trust your instinct

On your path towards your dream, you have made decisions that were risky, rewarding, or just plain wrong. These successes and failures have taught you to follow your head, heart, and gut. You’ve said ‘no’ to opportunities that just didn’t feel right, and you’ve learned that no one will believe in you or your decisions if you don’t.

1. You’ve failed

Failing is arguably the most important sign that you’re on the right path. Anyone can thrive when things are going their way,but the truth is, if you can make it through the hard times, you learn to appreciate the small things and learn to never take things for granted.

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