50-Pound Little Boy Lifted A Car That Fell On His Dad

50-Pound Little Boy Lifted A Car That Fell On His Dad

In emergency situations, people credit adrenaline for giving them the strength to do the impossible, but one Idaho little boy is crediting angels for giving him the strength to save his father’s life.

Nine-year-old J.T. Parker had been outside in the backyard working on a car with his dad Stephen and his now 18-year-old brother, Mason, late last year when the car suddenly fell on Stephen as he tried to adjust the car’s axle. Mason had just gone inside after cutting his hand, so Stephen’s life was left solely in the hands of his 50-pound little boy.

“My 8-year-old son and I were the only two out there. I was totally trapped. He was on the other side of the car so he couldn’t even see me,” Stephen said. “I didn’t know if I should yell out to him because I didn’t want him to feel the pressure if he couldn’t jack it up. I didn’t want him to think it was his fault if I died.”

Under the immense weight of the car, Stephen started to lose consciousness. “I wasn’t there anymore because I had this nice calm peaceful feeling,” Stephen recalled. But before passing out, Stephen managed to call out to J.T. to jack up the car.

Originally, it had taken the strength of both Stephen and Mason to jack the car up, so it should have been impossible for the nine-year-old boy to lift the car. Yet J.T. miraculously jacked the car up off his father within 15 minutes. “It was scary, and I didn’t think that I could jack the car up, but I just kept on trying,” said J.T., who jumped up and down on the jack handle.

Stephen was then airlifted to the hospital to treat his broken bones and the rest of his injuries, but he knows he is alive today thanks to J.T., who explained that angels helped him that day. “I was amazed,” Stephen said. “I was like, ‘How could this happen?’ I was like it had to be help from above. It made me realize that we are not alone. There is a higher power taking care of us and watching over us.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible way this little boy managed to rescue his father after a car fell on top of him.

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[Featured image: Inside Edition]