6 Gadgets You Need to Simplify Your Travels

6 Gadgets You Need to Simplify Your Travels

Whether you’re practically a gypsy traveling the world one city at a time, or a homebody, you will inevitably have to travel. No matter which you are, you will also inevitably experience some of the irritations (hello lost bags, dead phones, and crying babies) that occur when traveling.

Save yourself the tears and meltdowns, and take a look at the six gadgets you need before you board your next flight.

6. Brunton Power Knife

Photo by www.brunton.com

Not only are knotted up wires and cords messy, but they also take up valuable space that could be used for more important belongings. Skip the mess, and not to mention the frustration of opening your suitcase to find those wires that you so carefully rolled up all knotted and tangled, by bringing along the Brunton Power Knife. This Swiss Army knife-like gadget packs all the power cables you’ll need on the road in one small, tangle-free design.

Price: $24.99

Buy: www.Brunton.com

5. Karma Go

Photo by www.yourkarma.com

Karma Go is the perfect travel buddy for those needing a portable and reliable hotspot in case of emergencies, sending messages, or even uploading a selfie. The concept is simple: only pay for the data you need to use. It’s also possible to earn free data if other people connect to your hotspot, sign up for their own account, and pay for the data they need.

Price: $149 for the device

Buy: www.yourkarma.com

4. PowerNow Buddy

Photo by www.datexx.com

The only thing for frustrating than having to deal with messy wires is not having a place to plug in those messy cords. The PowerNow Buddy is a smartphone backup battery that stays charged for a year and charges your phone in less than three hours. The device, which weighs only three ounces, comes ready to use, but after a year, the charger can be re-charged back to 100 percent.

Price: $30

Buy: www.datexx.com

3. Bose QuietComfort 20i Noise Canceling Headphones

Photo by www.mcleans.info

If you’ve ever been stuck on a long flight with a crying baby, you would be crazy to ever board a plane again without noise canceling headphones. Bose’s QuietComfort 20i headphones are light, compact, and allow you to choose between complete noise-free or aware mode, which allows you to hear light ambient noise in case you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

Price: $299.99

Buy: www.bestbuy.com

2. Tile

Photo by www.thetileapp.com

Losing something important while traveling can be annoying at the best of times, and downright devastating at the worst of times. Avoid losing your valuable is foreign cities by using Tile to keep track of things like laptops, wallets, and bags. Simply attach a tiny ’tile’ to whatever you lose the most, and then be able to track your item’s location through Tile’s app should you misplace your belonging. Tile, however does not use real-time GPS, and instead records the last time and location your phone saw the lost item.

Price: $25 for a single tile- $180 for a 12-pack

Buy: www.thetileapp.com

1. Sony DSC-QX10 Smartphone Attachable Lens

Photo by www.sony.co.uk

Sometimes the built-in camera in your smartphone just doesn’t cut it, but you don’t always have enough space to lug around a full-sized DSLR camera when you’re on the road. The Sony DSC-QX10 turns your phone into a high-end, quality camera by snapping on an attachable lens. The lens connects to Wi-Fi so you can take, edit, and share your photographs in real-time, wherever you are.

Price: $198

Buy: www.amazon.com

Would you try any of these travel gadgets? Share with us in the comments below.

[Featured image credit: www.thetileapp.com]