7 Best Ways To Further Your Career

7 Best Ways To Further Your Career

We all want to go further in our careers, but some of us lack the skills needed to do so.

No one is born with these skills- they must be learned. In saying that, how does one learn the necessary skills they need to advance in their career? Well, that’s a good question, and one that many simply don’t know the answer to, despite their high aspirations.

While being organized, networking and developing the skills you need are obvious ones, what else do you need to do to ensure you further your career in your chosen field of expertize? Check out today’s LifeDaily list for and take some pointers for the future…

1. Work on goals that matter to you

Nothing is worse than pursuing goals that you don’t even care about- this is the quickest way to leave you disappointed and unhappy. Michael Hyatt (writer on Intentional leadership) suggests pursuing exciting goals to help advance your career. If your goals from your employer don’t excite you, then you can set aside aside at least one goal that is important to you, e.g. learn new skills.

2. Be organized

Organization is an essential skill needed to get ahead, and while technology helps, it is still in your hands to be organized. Being super organized helps you to be more productive, and focus on your most important work (instead of sorting through clutter). A helpful book on organization is Getting Things Done by David Allen.

3. Learn more

By learning more about your industry, or skills for your particular job, you will deliver more value in your career, therefore more quickly advance. After working in our careers for some time, we tend to get comfortable, and we don’t learn as much. Learning is really important, and books or online courses are a great place to start.

4. Network externally

You can have all the skills in the world, but if you are not networking, you’re not putting yourself out there. Therefore you’re missing out on meeting people who can help advance your career, possibly give you another job in the future, or meeting someone who you can learn from. If you are at an event, ask someone questions about themselves, their job, and how they got to the place they are at now. If you admire that person, maybe they will even mentor you- and that is great for your career!

5. Network within your company

Networking internally is just as important, and to get ahead in your career, especially at senior levels, networking makes all the difference. There are usually no online postings for the best roles, instead, the people in your company are your resource. Few people however give value to their network and remember birthdays, and give a card or gift, or introduce people by email and stay in touch, and this couldn’t be more important.

6. Keep up your health

In the short term, you may be trading in your health for your career advancement, however, this is a dangerous habit to build. Instead, take notes from highly productive people such as working out every morning, and eating healthy. Your mental health and your physical energy are your best assets. If you feel good, you will work better.

7. Develop conflict management skills

In your career, and in life, you will face conflicts. Most people have different goals and interests, which is often what leads most to disagree. Unsuccessful people often struggle with conflicts, however successful people handle conflict with confidence, which is why it’s best to work on your conflict management skills.

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