7 Reasons Technology Has Ruined Your Relationships, Friendships and Life in General

7 Reasons Technology Has Ruined Your Relationships, Friendships and Life in General

Having the world completely at our fingertips is something that we have become accustomed to, but is it harming us?

While most would answer yes, let us explain why in 7 Reasons Technology Has Ruined Your Relationships, Friendships and Life in General:

1.You feel like you have to document your whole vacation

Ahh…vacations. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and peaceful…who doesn’t look forward to a vacation? But wait. How relaxing and peaceful is our vacation if we feel obligated to document every minute of it. Can we truly ignore the perfect photo op of our toes in the sand, or our coconut drink, or that gorgeous sunset? How could we not document such beauty? But in doing so, we lose out on the moment. The moment that we are supposed to be enjoying peacefully. We become too hyper-focused on it “appearing” as if we are having the time of our lives, but are we?

2. Alone time is not alone time

You would think alone time might be that couple of minutes you spend in the bathroom, but not even. Usually, we take our phones with us into the bathroom while we shower, and certainly while we are on the toilet. While it makes sense to have something to read, we are never really alone. We are being bombarded with everyone else’s shit! (literally, while we are shitting!).

3. Quality time isn’t the same anymore

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If we’re in a relationship, we get mad at our partner for being on their phones, and five minutes later we are doing the same thing (whether consciously, or unconsciously). Our time spent alone with our families or partners isn’t alone time anymore, because as long as we are on our phones, we are NOT spending quality time together. We are distracted, and if we are paying attention to the person in front of us, it is not our full attention. And if it’s not our full attention, why would anyone want it? It’s impersonal, hurtful, and harming to our relationships.

4. The stalking is real

Others will view your social media accounts as the puzzle to your life. They will try and piece those pictures and words together anyway they can to analyze you. I don’t know why this is, maybe because social media makes it so accessible for us, but in many ways, it makes us feel better if others aren’t doing as well, or if we are doing better than them. It’s sick, but the truth. Social media makes us gossip, stalk, and brings every thing about a person to our attention, whether we want to know it, or not.

5. You have to be careful of everything you post

Example: You decide to call in sick to work to go to the beach, and your boss finds out from another coworker because you posted a picture on your Instagram. Or you skip out on plans with someone to hang out with someone else, and that person posts a picture of you two out together. Basically, the wrong thing photo can get you in a lot of trouble, and who wants to deal with the repercussions? Can’t you just live your life!?

6. We can’t even eat without documenting it

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Can’t anyone just get their food, and admire the deliciousness themselves? Or enjoy their food with whoever they’re eating with? Is this even possible? We feel the need to capture the perfect image of our acai bowl, or perfectly pretty donut, seafood tower, or penne alla vodka dish. Not to mention our warm chocolate chip cookies, 20 sushi rolls, and our ice cream cones. I doubt back in the stone age people would ever wait more than one minute to eat their food. Especially those people whose food is scarce- they probably could care less about documenting it. Why are we so obsessed? Not only is it annoying to us and others around us, but by the time we eat our food, it isn’t as piping hot as it was when it was first brought out.

7. We are so impersonal

The worst part about technology, is how impersonal we have become. Why call, when we can text. And why actually ask someone what’s going on in their lives when we think we can see it on a computer screen, or our phones. This has become our mentally, and our relationships are suffering. Real human connection is greatly diminishing, and we are becoming more like weird robots, rather than humans in the flesh and blood.

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