70-Year-Old Woman Survives 5 Days Trapped In A Car With Only Bananas And Water

70-Year-Old Woman Survives 5 Days Trapped In A Car With Only Bananas And Water

A 70-year-old woman has been reunited with her family after a scary incident left her trapped in her car at the bottom of an embankment for five days.

According to KING-TV, Sharon Learning was driving back to Rochester from her vacation home in North Cove when she became to feel sleepy, dizzy, and part of her face dragged down a little. “She knew she was in trouble,” said Sharon’s daughter, Tammie Pennypacker. 

Sharon wasn’t due home until Thursday, so it wasn’t until then that the family started panicking. On Thursday, Sharon was reported missing and her family searched high and low for her and feared for her life as Sharon was in the early stages of dementia. 

On Sunday, Sharon’s nephew, Bob Stewart found Sharon when he noticed a tree with a stripped-off bark and heard yelling. According to Pennypacker, Sharon couldn’t move due to her injuries, so she leaned on her car’s horn for a couple of days until the battery died. 

She used the tiny amount of water she had to keep her mouth moistened to scream for help, and all she ate was two bananas. Sharon also had Pop-Tarts in her car but didn’t eat them because she was afraid of choking. 

According to Inside Edition, Learning was dehydrated and unable to walk, so after her nephew found her, medics airlifted her to the hospital. A GoFundMe page was set up for Sharon, which explains that she suffered a busted knee, heel, ankle, and a ruptured chest from the ordeal. 

Despite this horrifying incident, she is in good spirits and “already planning her next trip down the beach.” 

Can you believe this mom survived five days with only water and two bananas?

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[Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe]