8-Year-Old Delivers Baby Sister After Mom Went Into Labor

8-Year-Old Delivers Baby Sister After Mom Went Into Labor

Many pregnant women spend the months leading up to their due date planning out exactly how they’ll give birth, however, as many mothers know, babies rarely stick to the plan.

Like other mothers, U.K. mom Chantelle Edmund knew exactly how she wanted to welcome her second baby into the world. “I was going to have a planned water birth at HRI with my mum as my birth partner – but it didn’t happen like that.”

However, baby Eva Rai didn’t stick with her mother’s plan and decided to be born two weeks before her due date on March 10. The 26-year-old thought there was still some time before the birth, but had no choice but to call her eight-year-old daughter Keira Jade and her nine-year-old niece Ellie-Main, who had been upstairs watching a movie, down to help when she suddenly started having contractions at about 10 p.m.

The two young girls stayed amazingly calm and brought towels and water to Chantelle, and just 35 minutes later, baby Eva Rai was born. Keira then called an ambulance for her mother, and told the handler “My mum has just had an alien on the floor!”

“Until a few weeks ago, she thought they were born through a magic door in my tummy,” Chantelle said about Keira, who was understandably shocked to find out how babies are really born.  “Now she is besotted with the baby. She loves her little sister – and Keira’s the talk of the school.”

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[Featured image: Huddersfield Examiner]