9 Blue Collar Jobs That Run The Country

9 Blue Collar Jobs That Run The Country

Some people think that blue collar workers are lazy, irresponsible, and only work for a paycheck.

Newsflash: everyone works for a paycheck! Without blue collar jobs and workers, we’d be in a whole bunch of trouble.

LifeDaily gives thanks to 9 Blue Collar Jobs That Run The Country:

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1. Subway and Bus Operators

Even though there are always many, many problems with the subway system, we still rely heavily on the subway and bus operators to get around! If you think the subway system is crazy now, can you imagine how much crazier it would be if there was no one to work these jobs?

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2. Police Officers and Firefighters

Police officers and firefighters are vital to our country. They are our protectors, leaders, and heroes. We need to remember that they put their lives on the line every single day. Can you imagine going to work every day and having your life be in jeopardy?

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3. Waiters/Bartenders

Most bartenders can be considered our therapists, in addition to someone to serve us our cold beer after a long days work. Waiters and waitresses deal with a ton, including hundreds of different personalities on any given day, obnoxious children, and constant complaints from customers- all of which they have no control over. What would we do without these people?

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4. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Elevators were invented back in 1852, so it’s safe to say they’ve been around for a long time, and carried a lot of weight. The upkeep of elevators wouldn’t be possible without elevator installers and repairers, and it is these hard working men and women who save us from walking up numerous flights of stairs, and spending a little too much time in a stuck elevator.

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5. Plumbers

Plumbers are needed for things to function properly, and a good plumber, like a mechanic, is necessary to fix the things in our home that malfunction or stop working. What would we do without plumbers? Probably freak out like crazy, because these people literally keep us from jumping off the deep end when things in our home go array.

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6. Long Distance Truckers

There’s a saying, “If you have it, a trucker brought it.” Examples: food, clothes, toys, iPads: they are all transported via truck, which means there was someone driving the truck- a trucker! Without truckers, stores would be empty, and we would have no access to the things we need, or the things we want.

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7. Farmers

Farmers are often blended into the landscape of our economy, and are most definitely taken for granted. We often forget that they are fundamental to our nation’s economy, and without them, our country would become a whole lot busier having to harvest our own food. It would be pretty time consuming for us to do this, which is why farmers are vital blue collar workers.
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8. Construction Workers

Construction workers, literally and unfortunately may break their backs in a day’s work. They build homes, highways, hospitals, and schools, they dig trenches, and install sewers- and this is to name a few. Construction workers can also read blueprints and anticipate budgets so projects are completed properly and on time. They do the jobs the rest of us wouldn’t want to do, and the job most of us can’t.
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9. Mechanics

What would we do without a mechanic when our car breaks? Unless we are among the few people who know how to fix a car themselves, a mechanic is necessary. They’ll tell you what the problem is, and the best and most economical way to fix it. They’ll also probably give you a ton of helpful hints to keep your car in tip top shape, because let’s be honest, you have no idea what a carburetor is anyway.

If you are a blue collar worker and we missed you, we are deeply sorry, but we would like to thank you for all of your hard work, and the fantastic services you provide us.

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