Abandoned Pit Bull Smiles Like A Human After Being Rescued

Abandoned Pit Bull Smiles Like A Human After Being Rescued

A stray pit bull named Brinks caught the eye of his rescuer when he flashed him a human-like smile on the streets of New York. 

Jon Bozak immediately noticed the pooch had a rare talent of grinning exactly like a human, so he picked him up and put him in his car. Bozak found Brinks wandering alone by a school, and he went right over to him, feeling like he was drawn to the poor homeless pooch.

“I think I first discovered Brinks could smile the very first day I found him. I’d thrown him in the car and he got into the front seat and just kind of made himself at home,” Bozak said. 

“As soon as I saw him smiling at the world passing by my car, it pretty much was a non-decision. The best decision I made.”

After rescuing the pit bull, Jon put up signs across the city to see if Brinks belonged to anyone. When no one called, Bozak decided to make Brinks a permanent member of his family.

Brinks was only 11 months old at the time at Jon rescued him, but now, almost 12 years later, he’s still smiling!

This very photogenetic pit bull even has upwards of 80,000 followers on Instagram, and he continues to brighten everyone’s day. 

“He also loves to smile when he’s sleeping, which I think is amazing. It’s too cute, he really is pretty special.”

“No matter how bad the day is, or how bad the job is, no matter how down you think you can get; you look at that dog and his smile, and you can’t help but be happy.”

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[Featured Image: YouTube / Barcroft]