Adoptive Parents Keep Baby Even After Doctors Say ‘It’s Ok To Leave’

Adoptive Parents Keep Baby Even After Doctors Say ‘It’s Ok To Leave’

When Josh and Allison Lewis had first planned to adopt, they only thought they’d be adopting one child. 

The Lewis’ already had four biological children and three adopted children, making their hands pretty full. But, when their adoption attorney called them, asking if they wanted to adopt another child, they happily agreed. 

Allison told Independent Journal Review:

“Something that my husband, Josh, has held to for years now perfectly answers this. Anytime our family is walking through the process of making a decision, he always reminds us, ‘we make decisions based on priorities, not on circumstances.’ For us, the priority is life.”

But, just as the birth mother went into labor, Allison and Josh received some stunning news- there were two babies, not one. Happily agreeing again, the couple was in for some more news- one of the babies wasn’t expected to survive the emergency C-section that doctors were about to perform. Allison describes the birth story on Facebook

“When we finally arrived, we found a small, but healthy, baby boy cuddling with the nurses on the postpartum floor. but in NICU lay a precious three-pound darling whom we would soon find out was born without a brain. the doctors looked at us with eyes of sorrow and compassion and said, ‘you don’t have to take her. we know this isn’t what you signed up for,'” Allison recalled. 

And although one of the babies was born with only a brain stem, and not a brain and wasn’t expected to live for long, the Lewis family still decided to keep her. Allison said: “That tiny, sick baby girl deserved every chance at life she could have and that was our priority. Her life. We didn’t know exactly how it would all play out or what the future would look like, but we knew that she was worthy of a name, of a family, and of love.”

So, Ava, along with her twin brother, Sam, became new additions to the Lewis family. 

The family enjoyed many beautiful days with Ava, but with the good also came the bad.

Ava suffered from many seizures and alot of pain, and sadly May 19, she passed. Allison shared her feelings with the Independent Journal Review on mourning the loss of Ava: 

“Yes, that’s it…we’re perfectly happysad. There’s such deep sorrow in losing a child and we feel that intensely every single day, but the joy in knowing that Ava is healed, whole, and in the presence of her Creator—with eyes that can finally see!—brings an overwhelming peace that calms our hearts in the midst of this tremendous pain.”

If you knew a child had a short time to live, would you still adopt them?

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Allison Crouch Lewis]