Adorable Little Boy Fist-Bumps Everyone On His Flight

Adorable Little Boy Fist-Bumps Everyone On His Flight

Traveling can be stressful and scary, but an adorable 2-year-old boy is making the day of passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Kansas City to Chicago.

Alya Jakubowicz posted an Instagram video of her son, Guy, greeting passengers on their flight by walking up and down the aisle of the plane and fist-bumping everyone he passes. My son on the campaign trail, attempting to win the hearts of airline passengers in the hopes of becoming the next Southwest ambassador. He is making flying the friendly skies even friendlier with one fist bump at a time,” Jakubowicz wrote. 

Guy can be seen walking down the aisle, dragging his blanket behind him and giving a friendly fist-bump to everyone. “It’s his signature move. He’s a little politician,” Alya Jakubowicz told ABC News about son. “He’s very funny, not shy at all. He doesn’t leave anyone out.”

The family was flying from Kansas, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois, on their way home to Raleigh, North Carolina. “He does it every time he boards a flight,” said Jakubowicz told ABC News. “Ironically, he learned how to fist-bump when he was like 18 months. We were waiting on the tarmac and he was getting antsy so I let him run around the aisle a little bit and these guys behind us taught him how to fist bump.”

“We just got back from the library and he fist-bumped everyone there. We just dropped off his sister at school and he fist-bumped everyone in the administration office,” Jakubowicz continued. Her post was later shared by Southwest Airlines on its Facebook page where it has gone viral with over 70,000 likes. 

Jakubowicz said she is thrilled her son is helping spread job across social media. “I’m so proud of him. When can you say that you made 70,000 people smile in one day?” she said. “Most people can’t say that and he’s done it and he’s only 2.”

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[Featured Image Credit: mamaj1822/Instagram]