Adorable Rescue Dog Posts Facebook Message Hoping To Find His Siblings

Adorable Rescue Dog Posts Facebook Message Hoping To Find His Siblings

A little puppy named Frito was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes back in October 2015. 

He was in the shelter with his six siblings: Cali, Snow, Raven, Domino, Buddy, and Aspen. Luckily, all six of the of puppies were adopted into forever homes, although each separately, so they have been separated since birth. 

Credit: Texas Humane Heroes/Facebook

Frito’s owners feel that Frito is long overdue for a playdate, so they have reached out on Facebook on his behalf hoping to find the rest of his puppy family. They hope to reunite Frito and his siblings for a playdate, and we think it would be one of the cutest ones ever!

To help find this puppy family, Texas Humane Heroes shared Frito’s photo and so far they’ve had good luck finding one of Frito’s siblings- Raven!

The post even encouraged other people to ask for help locating their dog’s siblings. While this may seem like a difficult task, don’t underestimate the power of the internet. 

Let’s see if Frito and Raven can be reunited with Cali, Snow, Domino, Buddy and Aspen. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Texas Humane Heroes/Facebook]