Anonymous 10-Year Old Is One Of The Hamptons’ Wealthiest ‘Kidults’

Anonymous 10-Year Old Is One Of The Hamptons’ Wealthiest ‘Kidults’

If you think you’re living the life, you should hear how this anonymous 10-year-old rich kid is living.

Or should I say ‘kidult‘ because that’s exactly what he considers himself- a kid that acts like an adult, and one who prefers technology and playing polo with his father over doing typical children’s activities.

The Daily Summer interviewed this privileged child and inquired about his life living as part of the world’s richest 1% and living in the glamorous Hamptons, NY.

He chose for his identity to remain anonymous, but now that the article is out, many of the Hampton’s elite will probably be speculating about his identity.

Here are some fun facts about one of the Hamptons’ wealthiest ‘kidults’:

Jonathan Cheban is the most fascinating person he has met so far.

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But Scott Disick is his idol.

“He’s really cool. He’s the whole package. He has cars. Lots of them.”

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His weekend trips to the Hamptons are the perfect perfect escape from Manhattan, and he enjoys walking around town or attending posh events, things that aren’t ‘typical’ for kids his age.

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His mom has had to travel to Europe to get him Hugo Boss because it isn’t sold in the US for kids.

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He has a 14-karat-gold skateboard, and dishes on a classmate who got in trouble for “talking too much about private jets and Rolexes.”

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His nanny does a lot for him:

“When she picks me up, she has to bring my phone. Every day she has to charge my phone to 99 percent; I don’t want to overcharge it. She stays with me when my mom is away. I’m a little bit demanding and picky. I’m specific about my food. If the cherry has something in it, like a seed, I don’t want it. I like everything in order. My nanny is also the only person who can touch my gadgets, because she cleans up my room. She also organizes my colognes and combs.”

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His mom made a promise to him:

“My mom has promised me that my nanny will be with me until I go to college. I’m not sure what happens to her then, but we don’t really talk about it.”

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And when asked if he will have a nanny for his kids, he said: “Yes. One for each. I had to share.”

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