Baby Donkey With Hole In Forehead Down To Her Skull Is Rescued

Baby Donkey With Hole In Forehead Down To Her Skull Is Rescued

Warning: This article contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

Incredible rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited India received a call to rescue a critically injured donkey with a huge hole in her forehead. 

It was uncertain of how the donkey suffered such serious injuries, but rescuers were determined to do anything they could to help the animal. Animal Aid Unlimited even brought the donkey’s mom back to the organization with her because they did not want to separate the family. 

Once at the rescue, medical professionals applied medicine to kill the maggots infesting the donkey’s wound. It took a few hours for the medicine to work, and rescuers gave her pain killers and antibiotics before cleaning the wound.

They were able to remove all the dead maggots infesting the donkeys head, which caused the gaping hole. The donkey must have been in tremendous pain because the wound was so deep that her bone was exposed. 

Rescuers named her April and 10 days after she arrived at Animal Aid Unlimited, she was already showing improvement. They wrote on their YouTube channel: “This horrible wound nearly took this precious girl’s life… But after 2 months of healing, meet April today.” 

She literally looks like a new donkey and her transformation wouldn’t have been possible without Animal Aid Unlimited, India.

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited India]