Baby Ella Becomes Jealous When Dad Gives Mommy A Kiss

Baby Ella Becomes Jealous When Dad Gives Mommy A Kiss

Scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists love to argue about whether human beings are born jealous or if it’s something we learn from our surroundings.

A baby named Ella seems to have discovered the answer for herself when she became a viral sensation earlier this week. The precious, though possessive, baby was filled with fury when she watched Mom and Dad kiss. Her adorable smile immediately turned into a tear-filled frown when she realized her parents were ignoring her momentarily to give affection to each other.

Her hilarious video just goes to show we are all born to think the universe revolves around us, though it’s a nasty shock when we discover that’s not how life works.

Jealousy is a natural feeling we all experience in our lives. However, it’s not the negative feelings that matter, but how we react to them. So the next time you turn on Facebook and see your friends getting promotions, your co-workers moving into new homes, and an old crush dating somebody that isn’t you, take solace in the fact that you handle jealousy better than baby Ella does.

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[Featured Image: Matt Hanneken via YouTube]