Baby Has Heart-Breaking Reaction Every Time Mom Says ‘Roar’

Baby Has Heart-Breaking Reaction Every Time Mom Says ‘Roar’

Kids are notorious for saying the funniest things and also for making the silliest faces. 

When one mom learned that her newborn had a terribly sad reaction every time she says the word, “roar,” she decided to film it for fun.

Inside Edition covered the story and wrote this on their YouTube channel: “Watch this cute baby wearing a dinosaur shirt react whenever mom says, ‘roar.’ The interaction is so adorable you can’t but keep watching. Mom keeps explaining in the video that he likes dinosaurs, but he just won’t have it. But the baby frowns each time she says, ‘roar.'”

In the video, when mom imitated the noise a dinosaur makes by saying, “roar,” the boy’s face turned sour. She continued to roar a few more times to see if her son would react the same and he did. 

The adorable baby would go from smiles to a frown in a matter of seconds every time mom uttered the word. He may have had no problem wearing a dinosaur shirt, but when it comes to listening to the noises they make, this child was not having it.

We think it’s safe to say his parents won’t be showing him Jurassic Park anytime soon- we couldn’t even imagine his sour reactions during that movie. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Kyoot Kids]