Baby Steals a Kiss from Sleeping Pit Bull

Baby Steals a Kiss from Sleeping Pit Bull

baby kisses sleeping pit bull

People nowadays have a very poor misconception about pit bulls.  They deem them as the most dangerous, vicious and harmful breed of dog.

As this video below will show, this myth is far from the truth.

This adorable toddler goes in to steal a kiss from the pit bull while he’s asleep.  Usually when people and animals alike are awoken from their sleep, they appear startled and jump.

How does this pit bull react?

Let’s just say the dog reacts with such kindness, and gentleness towards the child.  He barely moves.

This video reinforces the beautiful bond between baby and pet, one that is heartwarming to all.

With pit bulls, or any dog for that matter, it’s usually bad ownership—not bad dogs.

Watch this video, and see for yourself.