Bait Dog Whose Tongue Was Cut Out By Monsters Finally Escapes Life Of Nightmares

Bait Dog Whose Tongue Was Cut Out By Monsters Finally Escapes Life Of Nightmares

It’s difficult to understand why any human would want to purposely hurt or torture and innocent creature, but sadly, people are often a lot crueler than animals could ever be.

The following story about an abandoned dog found wandering a community near the Southside of Youngstown, Ohio is difficult to swallow, yet it also shows that if more people reached out to help animals who have been abused or mistreated, together we could help stop some of the cruelty they face.

The Youngstown Police Department was called in to pick up the stray, who had made his way onto someone’s porch for shelter, and brought the dog, nicknamed Bubbles, to rescue organization Animal Charity of Ohio. It was there that they realized the scratches on the pit bull mix’s face were nothing compared to what he had been through.

“He had escaped the most horrible nightmare of a life. He had escaped torture and abuse at its absolute worst,” Animal Charity of Ohio shared on Facebook. “At first glance at the scars on his face you would assume he is a fighter, but with us –all he wants is attention. He keeps going to each of us to be petted and loved. That is when we noticed something wasn’t right.”

The rescuers noticed the seemingly friendly, rescued stray wouldn’t give kisses, only touched his heroes with his face.”One of us wondered out loud, “Does he even have a tongue?” We were horrified when we looked inside his mouth and found that his tongue is missing.”

Because the poor dog’s teeth had been ground down and his tongue removed in a despicable act of torture, the rescuers concluded Bubbles was a bait dog. Yet, after all he had been through, and with no guarantee of his survival, Bubbles held no grudges and felt safe with his new friends.

“What he has been through in his life is horrific,” they wrote, revealing the dog was being hand fed and he had learned to drink without his tongue. Vets also discovered that Bubbles had early signs of heartworms, as Animal Charity searched on Facebook for his forever home.

“He has a long road ahead of him, and there is not a 100 percent guarantee that he will survive…but we all agree that he is worth taking that chance,” a later update revealed.

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[Featured Image: Facebook / Animal Charity of Ohio]