Best Buy Staff Buys Kid $300 Wii U After He Came To The Store Everyday To Play It

Best Buy Staff Buys Kid $300 Wii U After He Came To The Store Everyday To Play It

The holidays are a time of gratitude, love, and going out of our way to do kind things for others.

A Best Buy on Long Island is showing everyone exactly what the holiday season is truly about when their employees pooled money together to buy one sweet teen a $300 WiiU for Christmas.

The video below, which was posted to YouTube by manager Rahiem Storr, shows employees walking over to a kid playing a demo WiiU in the store. According to sources, the boy had been coming in every day after school to play games on the unit, so the employees decided to do something about it.

They could have banned him from the store and had security prevent him from ever returning, but they instead decided to buy him a WiiU unit of his own.

The boy, according to Storr, has two ‘very loving’ parents who couldn’t afford to buy him the coveted gaming system. That’s why the store employees took care of it for him and even told him he could come back to hang and continue playing the game in the store whenever he wanted.

“I’m serious. It’s your Christmas present,” one of the employees say in the video below.

At first, the young man declined the generous offer, but eventually he accepted the gift and allowed workers to drive him home to get a head start on the holidays.

Kudos to Best Buy for spreading holiday cheer! This is how you make the world a better place. If you are proud of these employees too and think a story like this should be spread, please SHARE with friends and family.

[Featured Image: Instagram]