Book Inspires Second Graders To Give Abandoned Dog Life-Saving Surgery

Book Inspires Second Graders To Give Abandoned Dog Life-Saving Surgery

These days, adults can benefit a lot by taking a step back and learning a thing or two from the next generation.

That definitely rings true today for a group of second graders in Topeka, Kansas who are a great example for anyone who has ever seen a dog in need and wished they could help.

Trisha Sharp’s second grade class at Shawnee Heights Elementary was recently reading the book “Sheepdog in the Snow” when they learned about a real rescue dog named Ryker who needed their help.

The poor dog was abandoned with a broken leg, just like the one in the book who is rescued by a little girl. In a post by The Helping Hands Humane Society posted on Facebook, the students learned Ryker needed $400 for surgery and his subsequent care.

That’s when the kids decided to try and raise the money themselves to save the poor pup.

Ms. Sharp told local news ABC 6 she had “Tears and goosebumps a lot of goosebumps, these kids are amazing, a lot of them emptied out there piggy banks at home and just brought us all this money so it’s amazing,” Sharp said.

The kids came back to school with $45o and Ryker was able to have his life-saving surgery the very next day. The children also sent cards to the hospital.

As for Ryker’s post-surgery recovery, Helping Hands wrote  “The staff at Stone House Animal Hospital say he’s a typical puppy…excited about life and full of spirit!”


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[Featured Image: Helping Hands Humane Society]