Boy Nearly Dies After Mosquito Bite Lands Him In The Hospital

Boy Nearly Dies After Mosquito Bite Lands Him In The Hospital

We all hate mosquitoes and their pesky inability to keep their deadly diseases to themselves, but did you know they can cause a variety of other health problems like strokes?

Unfortunately, North Carolina mom Kim Wise had to discover this the hard way when her 11-year-old son JJ was bitten by a mosquito and developed strange symptoms, including severe headaches that wouldn’t go away.

“They did some MRI’s, they did some more tests and they did another spinal tap on him,” said Wise. Doctors eventually discovered the middle school boy had developed La Crosse encephalitis virus, something he picked up from the mosquito. He was rushed to a Charlotte hospital, but that didn’t keep him from suffering a stroke.

At a time when he should have been starting middle school, JJ was instead learning how to walk and talk again.

“He has a lot of memory loss.  He was entering the sixth grade. He won’t be going into sixth grade like he should be because he can’t remember certain numbers and he’s not remembering his ABC’s completely,” said his mother.

His friends have sent him notes of encouragement with messages like, “I hope all of you are doing better and hopefully no mosquitoes bite you.”

Fortunately, JJ is back home and on his way toward making a full recovery.

Did you know mosquito bites can cause such serious issues including a stroke?

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