Boy Saves Family From Drowning In Jet Ski Accident

Boy Saves Family From Drowning In Jet Ski Accident

What started out as a fun day out on the water for one Sacramento family quickly turned into a nightmare when a couple and two small children nearly lost their lives.

This past week, Benjamin Serna and his wife took their two young sons and a friend’s three-year-old daughter out for a fun day of jet skiing. However, while Serna and his 5-year-old son Joshua were riding on the watercraft, which was pulling the rest of the group on an inner tube, they realized something had gone terribly wrong.

“The inflatable inner tube started sinking,” Serna said. His wife was screaming for help so he jumped off the jet ski to give her his life vest. “She had gone under, and the two babies, she was holding them up.” Serna grabbed the little girl and started to swim back to the jet ski, but was starting to drown himself. “We started calling out to my son at that point. I remember going down and coming back up and getting a breath of air then yelling, ‘Joshua!’ and then coming back down under the water.”

Incredibly, Joshua was able to maneuver the massive machine all on his own. “I pushed the red button, and I drive,” Joshua said. Once close enough, Serna grabbed on and Joshua pulled the girl up next to him. “God helped him to figure out how to turn on the Sea-Doo,” Serna said. Soon after, a nearby boat rushed over and grabbed Joshua’s mother and brother out of the water and they all made it safely back to shore and Joshua started to cry as he realized what had happened. “I just told him that it was OK. We were all OK and that he was my hero, and I was very proud of him,” Serna said.

I saved my dad. I’m a hero,” Joshua said.

Watch the entire video below to see what this little boy did to save his entire family from drowning.

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[Featured image: Toledo News Now]