Bullies Throw Deaf Student’s Belongings In Toilet Sparking Outrage Online

Bullies Throw Deaf Student’s Belongings In Toilet Sparking Outrage Online

A disturbing story has come out of Omaha, Nebraska this week when bullies viciously threw the belongings of a deaf student in the toilet.

Alex Hernandez has been deaf since he was a year old. Due to his cochlear implants and surgical scars, the teen has been picked on his whole life.

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However, a group of bullies at Burke High School took things way too far this week when they stole Hernandez’s belongings and incited outrage among his community.

Hernandez said the students took his backpack with his tablet, homework, cochlear implant battery, money, and school supplies. When teachers reviewed security footage they discovered two teen boys stealing it and dumping it into a toilet.

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“Those students think it’s OK to bully a deaf student, but it’s not. It’s not OK to bully someone who is disabled, deaf or hard of hearing,” Hernandez said. “Or anyone for that matter.”

The image of his belongings in the toilet was posted online and it has since gained national attention from media outlets around the country. There were more people, all of the world, both hearing impaired and hearing who showed their support to Hernandez. They even created an inspiring GoFundMe page to get him new school supplies.

Nevertheless, Hernandez and his mom have come to a difficult decision. They decided it was best that Hernandez transfer to Ralston High School, another high school in the area. The high school senior said he no longer feels safe. What he does know is that there are plenty of people out there who support him, they just don’t go to his current school.

While the school is investigating the situation internally, Hernandez and his mother believe sharing their story is a way to address bullying and preventing it from going farther.

If you agree, please SHARE this atrocity with friends and family and make sure your own kids understand bullying is never okay.

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