Bus Driver Rescues 56 Kids After Bus Burst Into Flames

Bus Driver Rescues 56 Kids After Bus Burst Into Flames

Parents entrust their children’s lives with the men and women who get them to and from school every day, but South Carolina parents are hailing one driver as a hero for what she did to keep their children safe.

One morning this past week, bus driver Teresa Stroble was driving 56 kids to their schools in Spartanburg like she did every other morning. Yet as she drove, two children in the back of the bus noticed smoke. Stroble immediately parked the bus in a safe spot and started guiding the children off as the bus caught fire and the flames quickly grew out of control.

“The heat was so intense, you could feel the heat from across the street,” said David Porter, who was getting ready for work when he saw the bus catch fire across the street from his home. “I ran out of the house and I saw this school bus in flames. There was such a towering inferno; there was no way to get to it.”

“I thought they all burned up. It was a sickening feeling — I thought they were dead,” Porter said. “The heat was so intense; it blew out all the windows on the school bus.” Porter, like others at the scene, were amazed when they later found out that Stroble actually managed to save every last child. “It was like, ‘this is unbelievable.’ I don’t know how she did it. To be able to remain calm enough… She got 56 kids off a bus in a matter of seconds. And to get them away from the bus, down to the next block, was truly amazing.”

“God bless her,” Spartanburg County School District 5 Superintendent Scott Turner said . “So grateful for her quick action.”

Watch the entire video below to see the heart-stopping moment this bus driver heroically saved all 56 students on her bus.

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[Featured image: David Porter]