Bus Driver Rescues Lost 5-Year-Old Wandering The Streets

Bus Driver Rescues Lost 5-Year-Old Wandering The Streets

While driving on her normal bus route, one Milwaukee bus driver spotted a young girl walking alone on the sidewalk and knew she had to stop and see if she needed help.

Aside from the fact that the girl was alone, driver Tiffani Lee knew something wasn’t right since she was wearing mismatched shoes and light clothes that weren’t warm enough for the chilly weather. “I’m a parent, so I knew no parent would let their child be outside in that kind of weather with a flip-flop and a tennis shoe, no way, “ Lee said.

Despite being in the middle of her route, Lee pulled over and asked the 5-year-old where she was going. It was obvious the girl was lost, so she immediately called the police and sat waiting with the girl in the warmth of the bus. West Allis Police Officer Darrin Kmichik arrived shortly after, and brought her safely home to her terrified family.

“I promised to get her some shoes that weekend, and I think she had it on her mind. She always says, ‘Wait for you by the bus stop.'” said the girl’s aunt, Cheryl Wentland. “That tore me up… so bad.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing thing this bus driver did when she saw a small child wandering the street alone.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Milwaukee County Transit System]