Family Catch Caregiver Mistreating 94-Year-Old Woman She’s Supposed To Be Caring For

Family Catch Caregiver Mistreating 94-Year-Old Woman She’s Supposed To Be Caring For

Police are searching for an evil health care provider after she was caught on video hitting the elderly woman she was supposed to be caring for. 

According to Memorial Village Police, Brenda Floyd is wanted for assault after causing bodily injury to Dorothy Bratten. Bratten has Alzheimer’s disease and can’t even speak for herself, which makes the video even more saddening. 

Police reports say that Floyd was supposed to be helping Bratten at her West Houston home on January 1, but when Floyd saw the victim feeding her dog ‘people food,’ she flipped out. In the disturbing video, Floyd is seen striking Bratten several times on her side as well as to the back of her head. 

Bratten’s family became concerned after noticing a few bruises and that’s when they put up a camera in the home on New Year’s Eve. When they reviewed the video the next day, they were shocked by the assault according to KHOU News 11.

Apparently, Floyd has worked for the family for about three years after being hired through the popular help website “The family felt very comfortable with her and even assisted her with purchasing a vehicle in order to be able to get transportation to come to the house to provide care and were very, very disappointed when the saw the abuse,” said Asst. Chief Ray Schultz with the Memorial Villages Police Department.

Authorities are offering a reward up to $5,000 for an arrest in this case. Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477) or submitted online at

Watch the video below:

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