Cat Survives Catastrophic Flooding By Floating In Litter Box

Cat Survives Catastrophic Flooding By Floating In Litter Box

In an amazing video from the Humane Society of Missouri, the Disaster Response Team saved a cat who had been fighting to save her own life. 

Humane Society of Missouri rescuers Brian Thomas and Patience Scanlon heard a cat crying in a flooded trailer in Fenton, Missouri, and rushed to help. When they looked in the trailer, they found the petrified cat floating on top of her litter box!

It was the only place she could find safety and the poor kitty seemed to be holding on for deal life. One of the men says in the video that the cat was so fat they struggled to get her out of the window. 

Finally, the cat was out of the home and placed into a cage where it was transported to a shelter

Thomas and Scanlon did great work in rescuing this kitty, but she wasn’t the only one they saved that day. “The disaster team rescued four cats by boat, and the Humane Society of Missouri is providing emergency shelter for nearly 60 animals whose families were displaced by the flooding,” Humane Society of Missouri said. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- hsmolovesanimals]