Child Reunited With Teddy Bear Lost In The Fort Lauderdale Shooting

Child Reunited With Teddy Bear Lost In The Fort Lauderdale Shooting

A 10-year-old girl who lost her favorite stuffed animal in the chaos during the Fort Lauderdale shooting on Friday that claimed five lives has been reunited with her beloved teddy bear named Rufus. 

The little girl’s mom, Kim Lariviere took to Twitter asking for help in finding her daughter Courtney’s bear. According to reports, Rufus was a gift from Courtney’s late grandfather and she’s had him her entire life. 

“’Looking for Rufus from Terminal 2 D8. Crying daughter cannot sleep. #FLLshooting help!’ she wrote on TwitterLariviere was overjoyed on January 9 when the Broward County Sheriff’s Department retweeted her message, and after some searching, the lost teddy bear was found. 

“We found Rufus!” airport representatives wrote on Twitter, telling the mother they’d be in touch by private message. 

Lariviere tweeted back thanking everyone from the bottom of her heart. 

The Lariviere’s were in Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport after finishing a cruise when the gunman opened fire. “I’ll never experience this fear again. This is a once in a lifetime fear,” Lariviere told CTV.

Since the devastating shooting on Friday, airport officials have been working to get 23,000 items back to their owners. 

We are praying for the victims and their families. 

Credit: Miami Herald

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[Featured Image Credit: Twitter- Lariviere]