Class Throws Surprise Party For Boy Battling Cancer

Class Throws Surprise Party For Boy Battling Cancer

Most kids would be thrilled to have an excuse to miss school, however, for one Texas 9-year-old, going to school and seeing his friends was all he wanted to do after an illness kept him out of school for months.

Last year, dad Billie Lewis and mom Lekesha Lewish noticed their son Elijah was more tired than normal during winter vacation, and decided to take him to the hospital after a friend’s mom, who is an oncology nurse, told them he needed to see a doctor. “I left home thinking we’re going to the emergency room and we’re going to get prescribed some antibiotics and we’ll go home,” Lakesha said. “We just left an hour ago thinking everything was fine, and then I’m calling my husband over the phone, telling him our kid has cancer.”

Elijah was diagnosed with leukemia and started chemotherapy treatment immediately, which weakened his immune system and forced him to stay out of school for five long months. “He just misses being able to interact with other kids,” Lakesha said. “He enjoyed learning things and coming home and being able to say, ‘This is what I learned today.’”

However, after months of treatment, Elijah is in remission and although he still needs four more years of chemotherapy, he’ll be able to go back to school. And when his classmates found out the exciting news, they decided to plan a surprise ninth birthday party his first day back.

“He just couldn’t believe it was happening because he was away for five months,” Lakesha said about Elijah, who started to cry when he saw what his classmates did for him. “They had gifts for him, they had birthday stickers, cards for him hanging on the wall, shirts signed for him from the entire third grade class. I don’t think he knew it was going to be this big surprise birthday party.”

Watch the entire video below to see the sweet thing this school did for a classmate who was forced to miss school to fight cancer.

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[Featured image: Inside Edition]