Coldplay Concert Moves Autistic Boy To Tears

Coldplay Concert Moves Autistic Boy To Tears

When Luis Vazquez took his family to a Coldplay concert last week, he probably had no idea his son would become an internet star. 

Vazquez filmed a video of his autistic son becoming really emotional while listening to Fix You, where Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin sings, “See it stream/ down your face/ when you lose something/ you cannot replace.”

The song offers hope to someone who’s enduring sadness and adversity, and it struck a cord with the little boy who started crying. 

Credit: YouTube- Luis Vazquez

Vasquez wrapped his arms around his son while the audience sang the lyrics, “Lights will guide you home/ and ignite your bones/ and I will try to fix you.”

It was a touching moment and one that over 3 million people have already watched on YouTube, and Coldplay even shared it on their TwitterDad captioned the video saying, “keep looking for sharing [these] kind of things that make us understand there is still a chance for having a better place for them! #autismspeak.”

Watch this beautiful video below:

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Luis Vazquez]