Controversial Group Discovers Elementary School Principal Is Actually A Pedophile

Controversial Group Discovers Elementary School Principal Is Actually A Pedophile

Creep catchers, a Canadian anti-pedophile activist organization has recently discovered that an Abbotsford principal has been using his position of trust to lure in young children. 

A woman named Marie, who works with Creep Catchers posed as a teenage girl online to lure “James,” a 33-year-old biologist in. She planned to meet him at a food court at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre, but she had no idea he was actually a principal until she read Facebook posts about him. 

It turns out that Mr. Obert, (what he is known as at school) uses his position of trust to gain the trust of vulnerable children. Once parents found out about Mr. Obert, one mother, who has two children at the school told Global News, “A friend sent me a text that she said ‘Isn’t this the principal at your school,’ and she sent me a link to a video. I watched it and I was surprised, and yes that is.” Windebank Elementary School later posted a status on their Facebook saying: 

The school board says it is aware of the situation and has notified authorities. 

Sgt. Stephen Camp, who works with ALERT’s Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) says, ““Individuals running Creep Catchers are about being judge, jury and executioner.” ICE investigators are the experts in child sex cases, and they say that creep catchers constantly disrupt their work and have even caused predators to move on and reoffend in other provinces. “The harm this group is causing to the public and law enforcement and injustice is just wrong,” Camp said.

While their actions may be controversial, the mother whose child goes to Windebank Elementary School says. “It can be controversial, but anything that keeps my children safer and me in the know is good for me.”

[Featured Image Credit: Global News]