Cop Brings 1-Month-Old Back To Life After He Stopped Breathing

Cop Brings 1-Month-Old Back To Life After He Stopped Breathing

No parent should have to bury their child, and when one Texas mom went in to check on her sleeping newborn and found he wasn’t breathing, she thought she was reliving that nightmare for the second time.

Recently, mom Jessica Koester went in to check on her sleeping one-month-old newborn in his crib and discovered he had stopped breathing. “My heart ripped out of my chest, I was like I can’t do this,” said Koester, who had already lost a weeks-old baby boy named Kayle nine years ago in a similar experience.

“I was like you are not dying on me, I am not losing you,” said Koester. Thankfully, Sergeant Lee Brading from the Vidor Police Department arrived shortly after and started CPR on the tiny baby immediately. After several minutes that felt more like a lifetime, Brading managed to revive baby Nyle.

“He looked at my husband, he said okay buddy you are going to the hospital because we were a mess and he really held it together,” said Koester. Nyle was sent to a hospital in Houston in a medical helicopter, and doctors discovered the terrifying incident was caused by Whooping cough. Nyle is still at the hospital recovering, but he’s doing well and Koester can even pick him up again. “I missed it so much, I got to smell him and kiss him, he was alert and his eyes were open and he was like hey mom and smiled at me,” she said.

“I feel like I’m indebted to him in a way and I want to check on him and pray for him,” Koester said about Brading. “I hope he stays safe and people should appreciate him more, he should appreciate himself more don’t be so humble. Own it!”

Watch the entire video below to see how baby Nyle is doing after a hero saved his life.

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