Cop Buys Groceries For Mom Caught Stealing Food For Her Infant

Cop Buys Groceries For Mom Caught Stealing Food For Her Infant

A parent would do anything to make sure their child has food in their stomach and a roof over their head, and when one young Alabama couple was struggling to put food on the table, they resorted to stealing rather than let their baby go hungry.

“We were struggling. This is our first time ever being out on our own, me and my boyfriend. His job wasn’t making enough at the time,” said 18-year-old Sheena Davenport. “It was dinner time and we had gone to Walmart to see what we could get. It ended up not being enough and we needed dinner for the next two nights.”

On their way out, the couple was caught with the stolen food and were both arrested. “I had never been in trouble before. I had never done anything like that. I was scared,” Davenport said about the incident, which occurred about a year ago. This month Davenport went to court to plead guilty to theft in the fourth degree, and on her way out Officer Katrina Cullbreath stopped her and asked why she had stolen the food.

“I told her it was for my daughter. She told me to meet her outside after court was done,” Davenport said. “She told me to get into my car and follow her patrol car. We ended up at the grocery store. I started crying. I realized she was going to buy food for me and my family.”

“Officer Katrina spent 139$ on food for me, Logan McPherson and skylar. After me telling her she didn’t have to do it she started telling me her struggle and how she made it through,” Davenport said in a post to Facebook. “I felt so grateful that she was sent to help me. I started crying. I felt someone was looking out for me and my little family. I kept hugging her.”

“There’s still good people out in the world and officers are still here to protect and serve. We are totally blessed by it,” Davenport said. “And when my time comes I will pay it forward. Thank you again officer Katrina at Dothan police department.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Sheena Davenport]