Cop Rescues Boy Trapped Under Dock

On May 22, one Florida police officer responded to a call about a drowning child. However, when he got to the scene, he realized the situation was a little more complicated than he imagined since no one could even get to the boy.

Once Lake Placid Officer David Rhoden and other first responders arrived at the scene, they realized the boy was not only in danger of drowning but was also trapped underneath a dock at Lake June after getting stuck between two barrels while swimming underneath the dock with friends.

“We rushed into the water,” Rhoden said. “I could see the child pinned between under the dock. He had a sheer look of terror on his face. I started to remove my gear because I could see his head was above water. He was breathing and crying.” Rhoden and volunteer firefighter Rafael Ramos worked together and were able to pull the young boy out before it was too late.

The boy, who Rhoden believes is nine years old, was shaken from the accident but thankfully unharmed. “Usually we go to fatalities and people aren’t able to walk away. It was very nice to have a good outcome. I’m glad that I was a part of it and the boy was okay,” Rhoden said.

Watch the entire video below to see what this hero did to save a little boy trapped underneath a dock.

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[Featured image: Lake Placid Police Department]