Cop Stops Everything To Dance With 92-Year-Old Woman

Cop Stops Everything To Dance With 92-Year-Old Woman

While out on patrol, one Minnesota police officer is usually busy responding to calls and making sure her town and the people who live in it are safe. However…

Over time, Sgt. Kim Lenz has noticed a local elderly woman, Millie Seiver, dancing on her own in the parking lot of her apartment building. So when Lenz passed by recently on a slow day and saw the 92-year-old dancing on her own, she decided to pull over and join in.

“She brightens my day,” Lenz said.”When she gets tired of walking, she starts dancing… I’ve seen her a few times, dancing by herself, so this time I just stopped and danced with her.” Lenz turned her car radio to the song Seiver was playing, turned the music up, and then got out and started dancing.

“It was such a small gesture. People do things like this every day,” Lenz said about the heartwarming moment, which was captured on her dashcam and has been viewed more than 80,000 times. “It’s definitely overwhelming,” said Lenz, who has since told Seiver about the video. “I said, ‘You brightened my day and now you’re brightening the whole world’s day, one view at a time.’’’

Watch the entire video below to see the heartwarming thing this cop did for a 92-year-old woman.

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[Featured image: Austin Police Department]