Cops And Firemen Go To Boy’s Party After No One Came

Cops And Firemen Go To Boy’s Party After No One Came

When no one showed up to one Texas boy’s sixth birthday party, he was absolutely crushed. So when it happened a second time two years later, his mom refused to sit back and let another birthday be ruined.

“I lied, and lied, and lied to make it all better,” mom Jennifer Day said about the day none of the 19 kids who received invitations to her son Graham’s sixth birthday party, which she believes happened because her younger son in nonverbal and has autism. “His younger brother is not always the easiest to get around. He’d be unmanageable sometimes, having some meltdowns, and some days were worse than others,” Day said. “There’s awareness for a child that has autism. What nobody seems to understand is that the normal siblings suffer terribly because of it.”

So when it happened a second time, Day could see how hurt Graham was and had to try and fix the day. “He just says, ‘This always happens.’ He was just this broken little boy,” Day said. “I just snapped. This is not okay, this is not happening. I can fix this and I’ve got to try.” Day reached out on social media for friends to bring their kids to the party and then went to the police station and explained what happened before asking if an officer might have time to stop by to surprise Graham.

But when Officer Brandon Schmidt of the Hurst Police Department heard what happened, he volunteered his entire team and even got some firefighter friends to come along. “We threw up our lights, hit the sirens a few times, and [Graham] started running across the driveway, stopped on the grass, and he was just in shock at that point,” Schmidt said. “He was showing us his Nerf guns. He looked like he was having a heyday with all the extra company and attention there.”

“Graham was just so broken down, but now that everybody’s come, he’s come so far out of his shell. Maybe this has been more than just a small birthday thing. This might have healed a piece of him,” Day said. “We’re pretty much willing to do just about everything,” Schmidt said. “That’s what the job entails. We just want to help the community… especially a young kid [who had] nobody show up at his birthday party. A lot of people don’t think we have hearts, but we’re people too.”

Watch the entire video below to see how these heroes saved the day for one little boy.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Jennifer Day]